Ins and Outs of Homeschooling

You have made the decision that homeschooling is right for your family. You are at peace with your decision, and yet you are starting to feel anxious and perhaps a little overwhelmed.


Firstly, you must investigate the homeschool laws in your state.  Each state in the USA has its own specifics when it comes to Home education.  You need to know what is required of you where you live.  A good place to start is


The next step is to withdraw your child from school if he or she is currently enrolled.  The withdrawal process is usually quite simple.  You will need to fill out a withdrawal form indicating your reason for withdrawal.


Then, you will need to meet with the attendance officer and file an intent to homeschool.  In some states, forms may be filled out online and you may not need to actually meet at the office.  But, you need to check the regulations where you live.


I highly suggest that you have copies made of each paper that is filed with your school district.  This will benefit you if there are ever any issues.


Now, you are legally set to homeschool.  Just make sure you follow up with any additional requirements in your state such as providing samples of your child’s work throughout the year, achievement exams, and so on.  Remember that each state is different, and homeschool laws are subject to change.  So, I recommend that you keep current with your state laws.


Finally, I want to encourage you to keep homeschool records regardless of whether your state requires.  Why?  This is to secure proof in case any problems should ever arise.


Although in my opinion parents should have freedom when it comes to educating their children, there are certain requirements that go along with home  education.  And, in order to exercise your right to homeschool, you must abide by the laws of the land.  Hopefully these tips give you more insight!


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Hi! My name is Nancy. I am a Christian homeschooling Mommy of two gifted children. In my blog, I will share practical homeschool tips, Christian lifestyle tips, motherhood advice, and more!

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