What Does an Eclectic Homeschool Look Like

There are many methods of homeschooling, and the eclectic style is generally a combination of at least two methods.  It doesn’t have to be any certain methods combined.  The word “eclectic” literally means:  deriving ideas, styles, or tastes from a broad and diverse range of sources.  So, eclectic homeschoolers may  take an idea or two from the Charlotte Mason method and then add an idea from the traditional method and add yet another idea from the Montessori method.  There are endless ideas and opportunities with an eclectic style.


Who can benefit from an eclectic style?  Just about anyone.  Not every family will fit into a single mold.  God made us each very different.  Because of this, not everyone looks at homeschooling in the same way.  And just as each family is different, so is each child.  So, a family of six children may use different methods.  To lessen the stress, the mother may find it easier to use a little of this and a little of that for each child rather than having Suzie follow the Charlotte Mason method and Johnny use the Montessori method while Annie learns in a traditional setting.  It would make much more sense to simply incorporate bits and pieces of each method into the homeschool as a whole, thus teaching eclectically.


Since an eclectic style is simply a combination of methods that works for your family, each eclectic homeschool may look very different.  There’s really no one way to be eclectic.  That defies the very meaning of the word!  Be eclectic, different, unique, whatever you want to call it… but be yourself!


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Hi! My name is Nancy. I am a Christian homeschooling Mommy of two gifted children. In my blog, I will share practical homeschool tips, Christian lifestyle tips, motherhood advice, and more!

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