A Beka: Discovering God’s World Science Review

I’ve done a video already about the Science Reader that I am using this year for my preschool and kindergarten aged children, but I thought I would post a written review here as well.  A Beka Grade 1:  Discovering God’s World is the name of our Science curriculum.


I am using this textbook with both of my children at the same time rather than choosing separate textbooks for each child.  My children are close in age (19 month apart) and have above average comprehension levels.  I am not saying that to brag.  Although I am very proud of my children, I think it’s necessary to share this information in order to give an accurate review.


Since we have a very laidback approach to homeschooling and my children are only three and five years old, we don’t do the activities and review questions that are included in the text.  However, as we read, I ask my own questions about the passage.  We also do not read an entire unit per week.  We only read and discuss roughly two or three pages per lesson.  And, we only do lessons once or twice a week.


My kids and I really enjoy the lessons from the A Beka Science reader.  They love the colorful pictures and easy to understand wording, and I enjoy the Bible verses that go along with each unit as well as the layout of the book.  This textbook was written so it can be used in family style learning such as we do or as an individual study.  Also, it can be broken down into short lessons as we prefer or in longer lessons suitable for 6-8 year old children.


There are always vocabulary words, activities, poems, scriptures, and more that could be used if you choose.  Like I already mentioned, we do not go over vocabulary words or do the activities given in the text.  But I do test my children’s understanding of each lesson by pausing occasionally and asking related questions.  We also create our own activities.  For example, one of our lessons was about fingerprints and how each person has unique prints.  So, we checked out our fingerprints by using washable paint.  Any lesson from this textbook can be altered to fit your family.


I will link my video review in the comments below!  Also, I would love to know what your family uses for Science!