I Can’t Keep Homeschooling

From time to time, we all get frustrated and sometimes we’re just flat out determined that we cannot go on.  But when we’re feeling defeated, we have to find a way back to our purpose.  We have to get to the root of the problem.  We need to re-focus.  How was the decision reached to homeschool?  At what point did the burnout begin?  How could the homeschool experience improve?  These are things to consider in order to get back on track.


If you are like me and the decision to homeschool came as a calling, then that’s the first step to regaining confidence as an educator.  Remember that you were called to nurture your children’s learning experiences.  You were called.  You.  Not someone else.  You answered the call.  You made it this far.  And, now you are on your journey.  You may be passing through the desert.  But this is just a stepping stone to where you are going.  But, you must keep going in order to get there.  Your children are depending on you.  So consider why you began the homeschool journey and rediscover your joy.


Next, pinpointing when you started feeling oppressed can be very helpful.  Were you or your children experiencing difficulties learning or focusing on the work?  If so, enlisting outside help is completely fine.  Just because you have chosen to educate your children at home doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.  Perhaps sickness or a death in the family has added extra stress in your everyday life and has played a major role in disrupting the atmosphere of your learning environment. If that’s the root of the issue, then consider taking an unplanned break or maybe just unschooling for a while.  Having a flexible schedule and using as many resources as possible are key when educating at home.


Finally, working on different aspects of your homeschool arrangement can greatly improve your outlook and your children’s as well.  Make a list of the areas in which you could improve.  Have your children make lists as well.  Share ideas with your children and allow their feedback to help you all to have a better environment and experience.  All good things could be better.


In conclusion, getting back to our starting place is often the best way to move forward.  Life can be difficult sometimes.  But, we cannot allow our circumstances to negatively affect our performance.  It is when we feel weak that we are actually learning to be stronger.  Embrace the process you are going through and keep going until you see your desired results.


“I can do all things in Christ Jesus who strengthens me.”  Philippians 4:13



Homeschool Burnout

Burnout happens when you become tired and/or frustrated with doing the same thing over and over again.  Can it be prevented?  Yes and no.  There are things you can do to lessen your chances of experiencing burnout.

Humans are creatures of habit.  We often do the same things over and over because we have gotten ourselves in a routine.  Routines aren’t necessarily bad, but they can lead to boredom and then complete burnout.


Ditching routines can help lessen the chances of homeschool burnout.  Let every day be unique.

Use textbooks sparingly and do hands-on activities such as science experiments, puzzles, and board games instead.  If you or your children don’t do well with hands-on activities, plan a movie day.  Just make sure that the film is educational.  By the way, educational doesn’t have to mean dead and boring.  There are lots of fun videos especially for small children.  Check out PBS or Discovery Kids.  YouTube is also an excellent source.  Tired of movies and games?  Take a walk.  Seriously.  Get outside, and take the kids with you.  Look at the world around you, and talk about God’s beautiful creation with your children.  Explore nature and all its splendor.  If you don’t normally include read-aloud books in your homeschool, it’s not too late to start.  Even older kids will enjoy quality time with mom and/or dad while reading one or two chapters a day and discussing what the book is all about.  Children can journal as you read new books or paint a favorite scene from the book.

Children and adults alike get tired of the same old, same old; but when learning is a new adventure every day, homeschooling transforms from a dreaded necessity to an amazing adventure.